100 Days of Happiness – Day 77

I was so happy to wake up and know that we would be heading out to see Deasy and Amaru again today, I really miss chats with Deasy and it’s been a long time between visits. I smiled as we travelled back through the streets of Pamulang as there was so much going on and people going about their daily business and Samudra was busy trying to pull on the taxi door handle laughing hysterically.

We passed an airport and I noticed there were loads of men in parachutes landing on the grass and as I turned back around I noticed 3 were hovering outside the fence, one just above a shop rooftop, one a little higher, and then the third managed to land just outside the fence on the side of the road! Luckily there was not much traffic around but he had a big audience watching from the sides of the road, not that anyone went to check if he was ok. A little morning excitement on our way.

Arriving at Deasy’s, it was great to see her beaming and seeing how much Amaru has changed since our last visit.. he is already 62cm at 2 months old, that’s only 2cm shorter than Samudra at 8 months! So they are around the same height but Amaru still looks so fragile while Samudra seemed such a rough playing little boy already, banging on everything and trying to grab at anything he could get his hands on. I love it! He seems to have discovered his hands this week and keeps holding them up to check out his fingers moving around. Time really does go too fast.

We had a lovely visit with Deasy, Tommy, Amaru and Deasy’s nieces, who were so quiet and beautiful just watching the boys. It’s never enough time for a visit but we had to head home so I could be productive and so Samudra’s nanny wouldn’t be going crazy just sitting around waiting for us.

In the late afternoon Putra, Samudra and I jumped on the vespa and headed up to Jason’s Supermarket, with Putra’s hair blowing all over us and it was nice to feel the breeze on our faces and all be together as we don’t get to spend much time all together during the week these days, so I treasure any moments we can have alone.

I hope you had a beautiful day too wherever in the world you are.

Day 77: Deasy’s niece… SO cute! Happiness.

Day 77: Prada Bintang Amaru at 2 months. Happiness.

Day 77: Aunty Deasy and Samudra. Happiness.

Day 77: Beautiful mumma Deasy with Amaru. Happiness.

Day 77: Amaru is so loved. Happiness.

100 Days of Happiness – Day 76

As today was spent infront of my computer all day or otherwise holding Samudra to try and calm him down from crying, I didn’t have any chance for mini adventures or photo taking outside of the house.  Being inside all day makes me realise how much I LOVE being out on the streets, how I could never work full time in an office again, and how much I take my ‘freedom’ for granted.  Being able to work from home is the best feeling in the world, although it can be lonely at times, I prefer to be without office gossip, and if I need to be around people, I can take my laptop to a cafe while I work if I feel I need people around me.  Writing this blog has also kept me amused for years and kept my enthusiasm for Jakarta up as I walk around with a camera chatting to people and it has given me the opportunity to attend so many events that I would otherwise not have known about, and for that I am eternally grateful..

Also working with Putra on documentaries for our company, Anatman Pictures (www.anatmanpictures.com) keeps life interesting, meeting lots of people with amazing stories to share, travelling to new and exciting places in Indonesia, and I realise I am blessed.  Although being freelancers there is always down time when you don’t know when or where your next pay cheque will come from,  I much prefer the work/life balance that it allows for and it means I am not hanging for a Friday night drink, or waiting desperately for the weekend to come so I can have time to myself, and it also means that I can be super productive when I need to be as I know the job will come to an end and I will have my time back to spend with Samudra or doing whatever needs to be done.  Most of my work comes through word of mouth also which is great, but it also means that at present I am a little out of the loop as I have been looking after Samudra full time for the past 8 months, so time to get back in contact with the outside world to create some new designs (www.tashamay.net) and to find some more people with interesting stories to share that we can film. Life is beautiful.

As I don’t have any of my own photos to share from today, I am going to post a picture from my dear friend Joe’s event coming up in June, for Indonesia Creative Week 2014.  Joe has been organising these events for a few years now and I have unfortunately missed both.. firstly as I was too ill when I was pregnant and last year I was in Australia at the time.. so this year.. fingers crossed all goes to plan and I WILL BE THERE! yah! I can’t wait for this and look forward to taking some photos there and sharing them with you all. It will be held at Skeeno Hall in Gandaria City from 5-8 June, 2014 so I hope to see some of your familiar faces there.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 76: Indonesia Creative Week 2014. Happiness.

Day 76: A throwback photo from 2010 of Wishing Lanterns at Ancol. Sending you all love. Happiness.


100 Days of Happiness – Day 75

I had arranged with Treen to go to Car Free Day this morning, and for once Samudra decided not to wake up early, so by the time Treen arrived in the taxi with Claire, I had to wake Samudra and take him with us in his pajamas.  The street was heaving with people jogging, walking, riding, and skating this morning and our pace was much faster than when Putra and I walk, so we reached Bundaran HI fairly quickly today.  Taking the pram ended up being a waste of time as Samudra started crying 5 minutes into the walk and I ended up carrying him in the baby sling the whole walk and was soaking by the time we reached the fountain in the sunshine, but I guess it’s good exercise to be walking and carrying a heavy weight at the same time!

The fountain was turned on low this morning, but there were still hundreds of people standing around it, taking photos, making huge bubbles and hanging out in the morning sun so we battled our way through the street food vendors and market down the road to the entrance of Grand Indonesia.  The mall is still closed at 8.00am but we entered through the Shinta Lobby and headed upstairs to Level 1 for a delicious breakfast at Social House that cancelled out all the good work that the morning walk had done.. but it was worth it!  Treen and I used to eat here often in the past, but I hadn’t been in awhile for breakfast so it was good to be back and the scrambled eggs, mushroom, tomato and bread were divine after the walk.  The portions here are so huge and although it’s a pricey venue, it’s good to go to treat yourself.  There is a great view out to Jl. Jendral Sudirman in the casual dining section, with couches and benches around the windows, and plenty of seating in the main area and a small play area for children in the middle.  The entrance also leads into a bottle shop selling wine, but the prices are ridiculous if you compare them to those back in Australia, so I could never buy from them, no matter how much I love a glass of vino!

I spent the afternoon relaxing at home while Samudra and Putra slept and then we headed across to Pondok Indah Mall for a late lunch/early dinner at our favourite Thai restaurant.  I am happy to say that as much as I have enjoyed their food, I am ready to find my new addiction, any suggestions for vegetarian food restaurants are welcome!

So I hope you all had a beautiful day too and fun weekend wherever in the world you are.

Day 75: Claire and Treen looking buff! Happiness.

Bundaran HI on a Sunday morning. Happiness.

Day 75: My breakfast at Social House. Happiness.

Day 75: Treen’s breakie. Happiness.

Day 75: Bundaran HI Fountain from Social House. Happiness.

Day 75: Samudra in a cart with teddy’s. Happiness.

100 Days of Happiness – Day 74

I had been dreaming of having a Saturday morning sleep in but didn’t make it past 6.30am this morning (which I guess IS considered a sleep-in these days!), so out came the baby sling, camera and Samudra and I headed off on another morning adventure. I decided to take a completely different route in the opposite direction to usual in the complex today and ended up finding another lively kampung close by.  This area is amazing. Between all the main narrow winding roads, there are complex mazes of cramped housing filling in every inch of spare land.  Today we came across a fun kampung with the usual amounts of kids running around laughing and playing in the dirt, and women standing around feeding babies in slings while having a morning gossip.

Everyone was in shock and started giggling to see this bule and her baby enter their area and we ended up stopping and chatting for a long time as they asked the usual questions and the excitement on the women’s faces to know Samudra was half Australian and half orang Java was priceless! It seems most of the ladies this morning are originally from Jogja so they were ecstatic to meet Samudra and kept laughing asking why I have an Indonesian husband instead of an Australian man.  As we went to leave, one incredibly friendly and funny old lady with a limp decided she would walk around with us, announcing in a very loud voice about the ‘bayi Australia, Java‘ to everyone she saw, and knocking on doors as we made our way through the alleyways, dodging chickens, kids on bikes, overhead washing on string and other people going about their morning business.  Some of the walkways were so narrow that I had to pull Samudra around to my front and squeeze my shoulders in to make it through. I got to wondering how on earth these houses ever got built in such close proximity and you certainly couldn’t be too large in size unless you wanted to become trapped between two houses!  You cannot see a horizon from inside these kampungs, and you could not have any privacy at all as every house is joined together to make long and confusing mazes, but everyone looks happy and that’s all that matters really.  It is a completely different way of living to what I am used to, with everyone living independently and with so much space it can make it difficult to meet new people, even your next door neighbour.  I guess with a population of over 200 million in this country, having personal space really isn’t an option, and sometimes I honestly struggle with this concept here.

We finally made it out onto a main road and the old lady was afraid that I was now lost and wanted to help me find my way home again, and insisted on following us, but I tried to explain in my terrible Indonesian that we wanted to be lost and wanted to continue exploring. By the time we had wound our way through another kampung, stopping to talk to more people, and finally making it back home again, it was already just before 9.00am! eeeeek we had been walking around for hours without realising it and no wonder I was soaked from sweat, but it had been a fun morning and now I was exhausted but Samudra still wanted to play and Putra was still fast asleep in bed!

I finally had some rest and the sun disappeared in the early morning and it started to rain which was a refreshing break from the heat, and we decided to head over to Poins Square to see if I had any hope of repairing my smashed up iPhone.  I am lost without a phone and have been feeling completely disconnected from the world since it broke in Jogja.  So I am keeping my fingers crossed that they may be able to repair it, and in the meantime I have my old broken phone which is pretty much only good for letting me know the time, but it’s better than nothing.

I hope you had a fun day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 74: This little boy was sooo sweet. Happiness.

Day 74: This little girl loved Samudra, but was afraid of me! Happiness.

Day 74: Boys in the kampung. Happiness.

Day 74: A common sight.. hanging your laundry in the alleyway in the kampung. Happiness.

Day 74: A shoe repair man doing home visits. Happiness.


Day 74: This elderly couple in their shop were so lovely! Happiness.

Day 74: Putra getting his cholesterol, blood suger levels, etc checked at Poins Square. Happiness.

Day 74: High cholesterol but otherwise healthy. Happiness.

100 Days of Happiness – Day 73

Another early morning so again I put Samudra in his baby sling and off we headed for a morning walk.  I really love it when I actually make the effort to get out of bed and leave the house so early.  I wasn’t too sure where to head today so just randomly walked with Samudra as he was loving watching all the neighbourhood cats wandering around.. they are EVERYWHERE in this complex and I am sure most of them are completely feral as they don’t look like they are properly cared for and they are mostly eating out of the fly ridden rubbish pits on the side of the road.

We ended up winding through the streets, speaking to bin men, the jamu juice lady, another lady selling vegetables on the side of the road, until we saw a group of little boys and women ahead surrounding the bike powered kids ride.  Then a lady started calling out Samudra’s name above from the second story of a house and everyone started calling out his name and waving us over. I didn’t recognise anyone so felt a moment of awkwardness as I looked for a familiar face but didn’t see any. I guess the bule baby in this area is a novelty so his name preceeds him.

I have seen these rides around so many times over the years and thought they looked so fun but obviously never had a cause to get up close until now.  In Australia you would find a single sit-on toy that you put a dollar into the slot and it moves around to music for a few minutes, but here you have four seats and all powered by the guy riding around on his bike.  I have seen ladies in a kampung near Jalan Benda powering the ride for some morning exercise while giggling in the past and the kids really seem to enjoy it.  One of the ladies this morning took Samudra out of his sling and he happily sat on the toy car at the back and jumped up and down in excitement as it moved around and the music played, as the guy pedalled behind him. He even cried a little when it was time for the owner to ride off to find another group of happy customers. Bless. We will have to keep an eye out for him in future as I never see these rides close to the house.

Another day of being productive and playing intermittently with Samudra until it was time for his nanny to go home and we spent the evening reading books and laughing until it was time for Samudra to sleep.  This week disappeared far too quickly once again but it was another lovely one!

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are.

Day 73: Little boys enjoy the ride and eating donuts. Happiness.

Day 73: Please take my photo! Happiness.

Day 73: So much cuteness. Happiness.

Day 73: Samudra’s first time on one of these rides. Happiness.

100 Days of Happiness – Day 72

A month or so ago I was contacted via this blog by Peeta Planet, a Social Travel TV Show, hosted by two brothers  Mohamed Parham Al Al Awadhi and Peyman Parham Al Awadhi from UAE.  I was asked to give some suggestions of people they should interview, places to hang out, where to have good coffee, sandwiches, etc as the guys were going to be arriving in Jakarta for filming on 8 April.  I gave my personal suggestions and also asked for input from friends via Facebook, and it turns out they selected many of my fav places to include in their Jakarta series, so I am so happy that I could help them out and that they will be sharing things I love about Jakarta on their show.

Today we were invited to meet Mohamed and Peyman and some of their crew at a blogger/media get together at the InterContinental Midplaza Jakarta Hotel on Jl. Jendral Sudirman.  What a beautiful hotel this is! I have never been in there before but it was rather grand and huge and it has a new outdoor Jimbaran Garden area which looks perfect for spending lazy days in.  Our gathering was meant to take place in the garden area but due to some rain before the event, it was moved inside to the Ballroom.  I met some lovely fellow Jakarta bloggers at the event and the crew from Peeta Planet were so friendly and lovely and they seem to be falling under the Jakartan spell already (or maybe they are just tired from spending the past 80+ days touring so many differeny countries! ha!).

It was great to hear from Mohamed and Peyman on their background of owning a kebab shop in UAE which grew in popularity through social media 9 years ago, and then they decided to take a 3 day holiday and asked their social media followers where they should go.  It turns out some of their followers suggested they should visit Sri Lanka and then told them all the places they should visit that you cannot find in tourist guides.. and thus began the adventures of the Peeta Planet series.  They have so far ventured to over twenty countries filming, and all their itineraries have been suggestions made by locals in each country via social media to places that are off the tourist trail.  I may not be a local in Jakarta, but I am glad that I was able to offer some of my own ideas and people to them.  I can’t wait to see the Jakarta episode when it finally airs! I did watch their series shot in Melbourne and it made me feel incredibly homesick!

Putra was also invited so he came along and so did Samudra so it was a nice couple of hours meeting new people and snacking on some delicious food thanks to the InterContinental Hotel.  I especially loved the cheesecake with strawberries and cream and a white chocolate stick swirl.. I could have happily demolished them all.

Samudra was a little tired and wasn’t too sure about being held by Mohamed and Peyman and had a bit of a cry when I tried to take his photo with them, but the guys were good sports and really lovely and held him even through the tears.  It would have been fun to actually have a chance to chat to them properly about all their adventures but there were lots of people that wanted to chat to them so I will just wait to watch more of their shows instead.  Check out Peeta Planet on youtube.. a great concept on a new way to travel the globe… makes me want to go on more adventures!

As the event finished at 5.00pm and that is the worst possible time to try and get anywhere in the traffic, we decided to take a taxi the short distance to Grand Indonesia to wait for a more decent hour to get back home.  We ended up at Cinema XXI to watch The Raid 2, and as it turns out, although it was shown at Cannes, this time it had no subtitles! This meant that I was subjected to way too much blood and violence without understanding the storyline at all.. so once Samudra woke in the cinema and the scenes and sounds were really not appropriate for a young baby,  I got up and left and we waited outside in the lobby for Putra. The movie ended up going for just over 2 hours, so we had plenty of time to waste, and ran into some friends of mine I haven’t seen in a long time, as well as making new aquaintances.  As It was also the Premiere of Jalanan at XXI we also saw people we met at Epicentrum who have been involved in the film and they asked if I was there to watch it again.. I wish.. but I am going to be patient and wait to see it again with Treen, hopefully soon.

I was starving and tired by the time Putra finally came out of the theatre so we made a quick stop on Level 3a beside the dancing fountain at Marche. YUM. I had forgotten how fresh and fantastic their food is as it has been years since Treen and I used to frequent their restaurant at Senayan City. So with a belly full of spaghetti and mushroom bread, it was off into a taxi and back home again with Samudra quickly falling asleep in my arms and me not far behind him.

I hope you had a beautiful day too wherever in the world you are.

Day 72: Bloggers and Peeta Planet crew. Happiness.

Day 72: Group shot! Happiness.

Day 72: The guys with some fellow bloggers/media. Happiness.

Day 72: Samudra’s not too sure… Happiness.

Day 72: … that’s better.  Happiness.

Day 72: Meeting a new friend, Yenny, from www.yennyw.wordpress.com. Happiness.

Day 72: OMG!!! This creamy cheesecake was to die for! Happiness.

Day 72: How cool are these seating areas in the garden? Happiness.

Day 72: Berries! Happiness.

Day 72: Dinner at Marche. Happiness.

100 Days of Happiness – Day 71

Today was an important day for Indonesians – legistlative election day! So it was a public holiday here in Jakarta and there was lots of talk about who to vote for going on in the morning. I find the whole process of voting here in Indonesia completely confusing! For starters there are over 200 million people in the country who can vote, and although voting is not compulsory, the sheer amount of people means that it takes over a month to collaborate and count these votes. Hundreds of thousands of people get elected in positions throughout the country and just the amount of candidates on the wall at the voting station today was huge! The presidential elections will be held in July and it will mark the end of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s second term, meaning Indonesians will be choosing a new leader for the first time in 10 years.

Samudra and I followed Putra down the narrow alleyways near home to the voting station which was set up right infront of a dumpsite behind the kampungs.  It was incredibly hot as we waited for Putra’s name to be called to vote so Samudra made some new friends in the waiting area before voting was finished, Putra’s finger was inked and we headed back home again.

I don’t know where the rest of the day went, just playing with Samudra, catching up on emails and being productive again before we headed down to Cali Deli and a 5 minute look in Ace Hardware before heading home again for cuddles with my beautiful little boy.

I hope you had a beautiful day too wherever in the world you are.

Day 71: Arriving at the voting area in the back alleyways of the kampung in Pasar Minggu. Happiness.

Day 71: Instructions on the process of voting.. ha! Happiness.

Day 71: Putra waiting for his name to be called. Happiness.

Day 71: Samudra making yet another new friend. He really loves to study everyone’s faces! Happiness.

Day 71: At the voting booth. Happiness.

Day 71: Voting papers go to the box. Happiness.

Day 71: Putra inking his finger to show he has already voted. Happiness.

Day 71: Little kids in the kampung. Happiness.

Day 71: Heading home through the alleyways of the kampung. Happiness.

100 Days of Happiness – Day 70

This morning when I woke I heard what sounded like heavy rain so thought I would stay in bed as long as Samudra would allow before it was time for his nanny to arrive.  I gave him a bath and then opened the bedroom door as we were going to the table for me to give him some food. As soon as I took my first step out the door I slipped in what I assumed was some spilt water, until my other foot landed and made a big splash! I looked down to see that infact the whole dining area was flooded.  I called out to Putra to wake up and then began the big group effort of clearing everything out and mopping up the floors.  It wasn’t rain I had heard this morning but a pipe or something from the fish pond in the dining area had sprayed water everywhere and it had also run downstairs to the room below, thanks to the turtle knocking some tiles over.

I spent the day infront of my computer again with many interruptions from Samudra crying and needing cuddles, which I didn’t mind at all. I miss our daily adventures out on the streets and once I am more up to date with things we will be out there again exploring. I don’t want to miss a thing with him as this time is so precious that he is still so small and easily carried around.

I had been invited by Eric of www.thespacewanderer.com to go to see the film premiere of the documentary ‘Jalanan’ at Epicentrum tonight and so we asked Kakek, Nenek and Ras (our nanny) to come to the mall so they could look after Samudra while Putra and I were at the cinema with Eric.  I didn’t really know much about this film beforehand, only that it was about some street performers and had won some awards and I had been looking forward to seeing it.  It was filmed over a period of 6 years so I can really appreciate how much work has gone into it after watching Putra making documentaries, and I can say that all the hard work was definately worth it.  It followed the lives of Boni, Titi and Ho all individually as they played their music busking around Jakarta and showed their daily lives and personal stories. This documentary made me laugh at the characters pure honesty and humour and made me cry seeing how people must struggle living on the streets of Jakarta.  I realised that I have been living in a bubble here for the past two years as I was sick in bed while pregnant and now it’s a bit too tricky to go exploring too far while Samudra is so young.  I used to be more exposed to the streets outside of this area, but although I can see many people begging and the conditions of the kampungs close by, I guess I had forgotten just what life is like for so many people living it hard here.  There are so many incredibly wealthy people here, and so many living below the poverty line, and whenever I am out walking the streets the people are very welcoming and quick to offer smiles, so it’s easy to overlook the actual struggles they must face on a daily basis in order to survive.  This film showed the real lifestyles of people in Jakarta, their musical talent, and was heart wrenching and uplifting at the same time.  I highly recommend watching it if you get the opportunity.

We didn’t have the chance to stay around for the media interviews and music following the film as we received a message to say Samudra was crying too much, so we ran off to find him and take him home again.  What a great way to end the day.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are.

Day 70: A standing ovation for the characters and film maker Daniel Ziv.

Day 70: A standing ovation for the characters and film maker Daniel Ziv.

Day 70: With Eric from www.thespacewanderer.com. Happiness.

Day 70: With Boni, one of Jalanan’s main characters. Happiness.

Day 70: With Boni’s daughter. Happiness.

Day 70: Boni, Asra, Ho and me. Happiness.

100 Days of Happiness – Day 69

It seems Samudra has mastered the art of rolling ALL OVER the bed in his sleep, kicking me, then rolling to the end of the bed and back and hitting Putra, and all the time looking so peaceful! Once I am awake in the morning I cannot seem to sleep again no mater how tired I am, so as soon as Samudra woke up I bathed him and we sat on the bed looking at books and I was so impressed that this was the first time that he actually wanted to hold the book and turn the pages back and forth on his own.. before chewing on them of course.

Putra and I decided to take advantage of having a nanny and headed back to the gym nice and early in the morning, only to find that it was packed and someone was playing the worst music up loud over the speakers. The only equipment available were the bikes so we sat there slowly pedalling waiting for the treadmills and by the time they were free we were so over being there! So a quick walk and we left sweating and dissatisfied after our mornings enthusiasm had worn off. I quickly undid any good that exercising may have done by purchasing a huge french stick and cheese at Hero in Kemang and demolishing the whole thing on my own once we returned home, followed by tempe mendoan. Why is it that everything that is no good for you is so delicious? There’s no hope for me..

I tried to be productive today but kept being interrupted by Samudra’s screaming crying and ended up holding him and feeding him most of the day as it was the only way he would stop. He was so incredibly unsettled, but the appearance of a tiny fourth tooth may explain all the tears, poor sweetheart!

There was a massive storm in the late afternoon and seriously scarey heavy rain pelting down on the roof so I gave up trying to get anything done and settled into snuggle mode with my baby, reading his books again and waiting for Putra to make it home once the rain had stopped.

Putra had another friend over, so we snuck in another glass of Baileys and once again it sent me off to a quick and peaceful sleep.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 69: Samudra wanting to hold one his books for the first time ever. Happiness.

Day 69: .. and 5 seconds later it’s in his mouth! Happiness.

Day 69: Fish for sale on the side of the road in Kemang. Happiness.

Day 69: Buy some phone credit so you can play on your phone while your clothes get fixed at the mobile tailor. Happiness.

Day 69: Back to reading (and chewing) in the late afternoon.. Happiness.

Day 69: Thanks for lots of snuggles today. Happiness.

100 Days of Happiness – Day 68

I was woken this morning at 5.30am by Samudra’s cries so tapped Putra’s arm to ask if he was up for a Car Free Day walk and was shocked to hear him say yes so early in the morning! We didn’t manage to actually leave the house until after 7am, but once we arrived outside Ratu Plaza I was so happy that we had made the effort to go there as the place was buzzing with people and the sun was shining.  It was a slow walk for us this morning so it took us much longer than the usual hour to walk to Bundaran HI fountain, but it was fun along the way and we ended up carrying Samudra more than pushing him in the pram, until he eventually fell asleep due to the heat of the morning.

Today really felt like a festival due to the sheer amount of people that were actually out and about.  It seemed much busier than usual, with aerobics classes on the side of the street, thousands of bike riders, stalls on the side of the road and the fountain was full of people cooling down  around the edges as it was actually turned on for the first Sunday in a long time.

We were absolutely dripping in sweat by the time we made it to the fountain and Putra wanted to sit outside at a warung to eat but I couldn’t bare another second of sunshine, although I had originally wanted to continue on to Monas.  So we went inside Plaza Indonesia for a refreshing ice cold drink and I couldn’t help but feel ridiculous in there.  Outside were people begging on the streets and inside this mall there is nothing but designer shops like Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Prada, etc. Such a huge contrast between rich and poor exists in this country and it makes me crazy.  We had just given a man on the side of the road a half filled bottle of water to cool down in the heat and he was over the moon, and then we were in the mall and I was wondering who on earth could afford such luxury, and why on earth would anyone actually want to spend so much money on an item of clothing??? I guess for some people such amounts are just like small change, but seriously, I can’t justify clothing being so ridiculously expensive!

None of us could keep our eyes open when we made it back home again, so we all fell asleep half way through watching another episode of ‘Raising Hope’.. I so love this show and am happy Putra found some episodes we hadn’t seen before.

It was off to Rasa Raja again in the rain for dinner and ohmygoodness their food is mouth watering delicious for me! With full bellies and lots of giggles from Samudra it was the end to a great weekend and more happiness for us.

I hope you had a beautiful day wherever in the world you are too.

Day 68: Morning aerobics class in the shopping mall car park. Happiness.

Day 68: A quick pit stop at Taman Semanggi. Happiness.

Day 68: My favourite food.. tempe mendoan! Happiness.

Day 68: Since public affection is not allowed in Indonesia, I was SO HAPPY to see this!!! That’s LOVE. Happiness.

Day 68: My happiness.

Day 68: Good business. Getting paid to pump tires on Car Free Day. Happiness.

Day 68: Like me, Samudra is not really sure about this face mask for pollution! Happiness.

Day 68: Fun at Bundaran HI fountain. Happiness.

Day 68: Bubbles at the fountain. Happiness.

Day 68: I felt sorry for this horse in the heat on the road, but it was still so beautiful. Happiness.

Day 68: Taking his cool goat for a walk on Car Free Day.. love it! Happiness.

Day 68: Morning snacks of tofu balls. Happiness.